Learning to Code Is Essential for Entrepreneurs



by:  Mike Wood (see link below for the full article)

“You’re too young to understand.”

“I’ll explain when you are older.”

“Once you grow up you will realize the importance of XYZ.”

Great advice from well…idiots. Never think that a child is too young to understand or learn. In fact, children are great problem solvers whose thinking isn’t clouded up by the “experience” adults once told us we needed.

I believe that children are our future. So true, Whitney. More than we ever know. In fact, children are actually creating our future. Thankfully, the world is starting to recognize that we need to give kids the specific tools to help shape the future. Most namely, the tools needed to code.

When we were children, the goal was to get an education, move on to gain experience, and then become valuable contributors to society. Those are all important goals, but that is no longer the norm. While education is still a major focus, the type of education we are teaching is shifting (and needs to be). One type of education that is needed is coding, and the trend is growing rapidly.

Kids Need to Learn to Code

Don’t get me wrong, math, science, history all are important for shaping how we live our lives. However, there are many skills that I wish I had been taught as a kid. I was taught math, but not how to manage my personal finances. I was taught how to use a computer, but never how to code a software program. So while the underlying skills were being taught, teaching the application of these skills is what is important for survival.

Isn’t Coding Too Difficult for Kids?

“Programming skills are important,” Samaira says in her promo copy for Coder Bunnyz. “Because coding today is in everything: in your phone, in your microwave oven, in the car.” She reminds me a little of my eight year old who is currently mastering the format for her own YouTube channel. (God help us all.)


SOURCE:  Mike Wood  http://www.legalmorning.com

April 17th, 2016

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